The evolution of working from home

Polina Glukhova
October 3, 2023

Recent research on the evolution of Working from Home (WFH) reveals some exciting findings:

1. WFH on the Rise

From 2019 to 2023, the number of people working from home has seen an astonishing 5-fold increase! The future of work is taking a new shape, and it’s transformative.

2. Hybrid Work Benefits

The study found that hybrid work enhances employee recruitment and retention. Employees value flexibility, and organizations that offer it have a competitive edge.

3. WFH will continue to grow

Remote work will continue to grow due to continuous technological advancements. As remote collaboration tools evolve, the potential for remote work grows. With the assistance of cutting-edge tools and platforms, remote work offers even more benefits to both organizations and employees.

These findings validate the ongoing growth of remote work, driven by the benefits it offers to both organizations and employees.

This trend is reshaping the way we work, particularly with the emergence of new technologies in the market. Companies need to adapt to this evolving landscape, or risk being left behind in the ever-changing world of work.

Source: “The Evolution of Working from Home” 2023

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