VR vs Video conferencing

Polina Glukhova
June 16, 2023
VR vs video calls

A study on the uses of VR for communication has compared VR to video conferencing and found that in VR:

1. Participants feel more immersed

VR provides a strong level of immersion and a feeling of presence that surpasses traditional video conferencing methods. The immersive nature of VR is the essence defining the entire experience.

2. Participants feel closer to each other

VR’s ability to create a strong sense of physical closeness among participants in a meeting led to highly focused interaction and more concentrated meetings.

3. Participants find VR more exciting

Participants found VR meetings more exciting than video conferences. Excitement contributes to increased engagement, interactions, and overall satisfaction from the meeting.

The finding of the research clearly demonstrates the potential of VR to facilitate better remote meetings with enhanced levels of engagement and focus during collaboration.

Source: Uses of virtual reality for communication in financial services: A case study on comparing different telepresence interfaces: Virtual reality compared to video conferencing

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