Remote work reduces stress

Polina Glukhova
May 16, 2023

A recent study on remote work with 3,123 office workers has found interesting results:

1. Remote work reduces psychological and physical stress regardless of other work and life-related stressors.

2. Reducing stress responses increase the productivity of remote workers.

Improving the job environment and providing employees with a remote work option allows companies can enhance their efficiency while providing employees with a better work-life balance, ultimately bolstering the company’s reputation.

It’s crucial to note that remote work is more effective when proper collaboration and practises are in place.

Facilitating strong communication and connection among team members ensures that remote workers remain engaged while implementing remote work practises ensures that presenteeism stays at the same level as in the office settings.

Source: “Remote work decreases psychological and physical stress responses, but full-remote work increases presenteeism.” Frontiers in Psychology 2021

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