Spatial audio and video resolution matters in VR 

Polina Glukhova
April 4, 2023
spatial audio and video resolution in VR

“Both video resolution and spatial audio rendering had a statistically significant effect on both immersion and audio-visual quality.” concluded recent research on visual and audio importance in VR.

When choosing a VR collaboration platform, it’s crucial to consider factors such as visual quality, space design and quality of audio. Why?

1. Spatial audio is an important part of creating an immersive experience and productive virtual meetings with no outside distractions. The research noted that audio improvement received nearly identical immersion scores as increasing the video resolution five-fold.

2. The video resolution has a large effect on the audio-visual quality of the VR experience. A high-video resolution is responsible for creating a more detailed, clearer visual picture that enhances a VR experience.

Spatial audio and video resolution are tightly linked in VR as both are key components to creating a true feeling of presence for your collaboration.

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Source: “On the relative importance of visual and spatial audio rendering on VR immersion”

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