Gen Z and the Metaverse

Polina Glukhova
February 21, 2023
global collaboration

“Global collaboration is the future of the metaverse.”

This is one of the key takeaways from “Gen Z and the Metaverse” report published by Nokia & Ipsos. As Gen Z has grown up online, they’re accustomed to working online and have a strong interest towards bringing collaboration into the digital world on a daily basis.

Report states that for Gen Z, the metaverse is merely an extension of the world they live in and global collaboration is very much the future – interest and acceptance of other cultures are essential for a generation that has grown up online. This virtual collaboration will continue throughout their adult lives and shape metaverse experiences inside and outside the workplace.

Now, Gen Z is entering the labor market and bringing their ideas to the workplace and contributing to the development of companies. Thus, it’s important to understand what they expect from workplace technology and how to create productive ways to collaborate with them.

Incorporating virtual collaboration and metaverse into the work environment is a good start. You can start with internal use cases such as virtual meetings, training, and onboarding, then you can gradually expand the range of use cases with more unique virtual experiences. Learn more about collaboration in VR in our Glue Insights

Source: “Meet the metaverse generation” Nokia & Ipsos

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