Positive impact of VR in education

Polina Glukhova
February 7, 2023
positive impact of vr in education

A recent study conducted an experiment where students worked on different tasks in VR for 4 weeks. Participants of the study noted several factors in how VR positively influenced their learning process:

1. Better focus on the presented materials
2. No physical distractions during the lesson
3. Encourage creativity
4. Foster a sense of community

Being together matters, and in VR, students felt more connected because they could interact and collaborate better. This fosters a sense of community and excitement for the studies. They also noted how VR allows them to collaborate and create their own worlds as well as learn from the results of their actions.

VR advantages can be used in the workplace as well. Especially, in remote teams, it’s important to cherish collaboration between team members during virtual meetings. Learn more about why companies should invest in VR in our latest blog.

Source: Prerequisites for Learning in Networked Immersive Virtual Reality” 2022

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