Social interactions in the metaverse

Polina Glukhova
January 24, 2023
social interactions in the metaverse

The concept of social presence and how it affects social interactions during virtual meetings hasn’t been extensively researched. But, a recent paper on social interactions in the metaverse light upon the potential of the technology.

The research investigated the value potential of real-time multisensory social interactions (RMSI) in the metaverse accessed through VR headsets and found that the metaverse adds value to RMSIs through a higher level of social presence.

How does a higher level of social presence affect collaboration?

1. Positively influences evaluations & emotions of participants
2. Results in a higher amount of interaction during a virtual meeting
3. Translates into a more positive virtual experience

In work settings, social presence is useful for team building, onboarding, training, three-dimensional presentations of products and creativity tasks.

The research also proves once again that 2D videoconferences generate fewer creative ideas than face-to-face meetings due to the static nature of an environment.

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Source: Social interactions in the metaverse: Framework, initial evidence, and research roadmap

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