VR productivity framework

Polina Glukhova
August 23, 2022
VR productivity framework

It is not a secret that productivity is crucial for the success and growth of any company. That’s why organisations invest in increasing employees’ productivity. One of the best ways to raise your employees’ output is to provide them with efficient collaboration tools that enhance their cooperation, especially in remote settings.

Aufegger Lisa & Elliott-Deflo Natasha in their paper “Virtual Reality and Productivity in Knowledge Workers” developed a VR productivity framework explaining how virtual reality can be integrated into business operations.

The results of the study show that VR positively contributes to productivity by providing both a distraction-free and focused work environment (asynchronous productivity), and a shared virtual office space that creates a feeling of social presence and proactive involvement (synchronous productivity). Based on the results, the VR productivity framework was developed.

The framework represents the design of VR use in organisations to ensure productivity. Environment, physical setup and cognition & behavior are elements which you should start with and are essential for creating virtual reality practices to ensure effective asynchronous and synchronous work. At Glue, we believe that this framework is concise and clearly illustrates the benefits of using virtual reality tools to improve collaboration in remote teams.

Source: Virtual Reality and Productivity in Knowledge Workers

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