Gartner on digital transformation

Polina Glukhova
May 24, 2022
virtual and physical experiences

“As we continue to navigate through and emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders are recognizing the possibility of long-lasting changes in how we do business, even after the immediate threat of COVID-19 has waned.” stated Rishi Sood, GVP, Technology & Service Providers at Gartner, as the opening words of Gartner’s Leadership Vision for 2022 report.

In its Leadership Vision for 2022 report Gartner lays out the top 3 strategic priorities for high tech leaders. One of them resonated with our Glue Team – “Every opportunity is a digital opportunity”

Gartner calls for embracing anywhere, anytime operations in this digital first, remote first world. They are anticipating the business landscape where business operations are distributed, customers are ubiquitous and workers are digital. With this outlook, Gartner states that 40% of organizations will blend virtual and physical experiences, leading to increased workforce productivity and customer reach.

To succeed in this environment, Gartner suggests that companies need to make digital as the default experience and remote as the default delivery model. Where physical spaces are required, digital service enhancements should be provided and the delivery of all business capabilities needs to be seamless across both physical and virtual spaces.

At Glue, we help our customers every day to solve the challenge of striving for their business in the post-pandemic hybrid work environment. We help our customers to deliver consistent experiences across their virtual spaces and help them to be productive and efficient in their remote first work. Learn more about how doing business in virtual environments can support your business.

Source: Gartner’s Leadership Vision for 2022

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