The new Glue supercharges your remote collaboration

Jussi Havu
November 11, 2021
Virtual Meeting in Glue

HELSINKI—NOVEMBER, 2021—Glue Collaboration –the leader in collaborative, real-time VR software services, today flicks the switch on the latest release of Glue, bringing new features and updates to enhance remote collaboration for teams everywhere. Among the highlights are a new integrated note-taking application, improvements to 3D tools, several visual and UI enhancements, and an audio upgrade that filters out unwanted background noise from users’ microphones to ensure a clean sound.

Jussi Havu, CEO Glue Collaboration, says:

“Achieving true remote collaboration is all about removing the barriers standing in the way of effective communication. We’ve kept that goal front of mind with every iteration of Glue and our latest release is no exception. Glue now looks and sounds slicker than ever, giving you and your remote colleagues the ideal setting to communicate, collaborate and create – without distraction.”

What’s new

New note-taking application

Jot down notes in-session quickly and easily with this new tool. Choose from canvasses in several preset sizes, adjust note size and font options, and lock note content on-screen.

Improved 3D object handling

VR users can now move and scale objects with precision using gestures, while desktop users can do the same using the newly-added gizmos. Glue now also supports all of the following popular 3D object formats: FBX, OBJ, GLTF2, STL, PLY, 3MF and ZIP.

Sharper visuals

The new Glue adds improvements in visual quality across the board — from splash screens to whiteboards to imported imagery. Users can now also share their screens at a sharper maximum resolution of 1080p (versus 720p previously).

Goodbye background noise

Glue already boasts industry-leading spatial audio, but the Glue audio team isn’t stopping there. The new Glue integrates digital real-time audio signal processing technology that’s able to pick out speech from among the different sound layers received by the microphone. In other words, noises that don’t sound like voices are filtered out, conversations are clear, and no-one misses a beat.

More good stuff in the Glue Web portal

Users can now create and edit their Glue avatars directly in Glue Web, just like they can inside the Glue App. We also rolled out several usability improvements including the possibility to upload and download several files simultaneously.

Take a seat at the table, fast

VR users can now be seated in a timely fashion — simply teleport straight into a vacant seat at the table with a deft click.

Introducing Sky Hall – a brand new Team Space for sales meetings and product marketing experiences

With the new release comes a new Team space tailored for your customer-focused engagements. The Sky Hall is ideal for sales meetings, and product showcases giving you ample room to display car-sized 3D objects.

Ready to experience Glue? You can book a demo here.

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