Make the most of every remote meeting with these five virtual spaces

Jussi Havu
August 24, 2020

Human interaction is a delicate dance we perform at work every day. In normal times, it takes place in a variety of settings: we might trade information with our desk neighbors and participate in a workshop with customers, or drink a coffee with a friend and host a video conference from a meeting pod.

But lately, confined to our homes, our interactions have become somewhat one-dimensional. And even as we trickle back to the office in the weeks and months ahead, many businesses are planning a future where their staff spend a greater chunk of their time working remotely. This begs the question: do we want to continue to work remotely the way we are, with audio and video conferencing as our primary means of collaboration? As we have discussed previously, not everyone is convinced we should.

From kindergarten to college to the workplace, we interact with our peers in environments purpose-built for different kinds of human engagement and outcomes. We draw on our physical context for fostering connection and a sense of belonging, as well as fueling learning, inspiration, and creativity. Video conferencing, for all its uses, struggles to deliver these benefits.

But where video conferencing fails, virtual collaboration succeeds. At Glue, we understand that contextual meetings are as important in virtual settings as they are in the real world.

This is why we have designed a variety of immersive spaces, each optimized for a different purpose.

Where would you choose to work?

Below, we highlight a selection of our readily-available spaces, each equipped with Glue spatial audio and collaboration tools, and each customizable for your brand.

Size: whole space 3,735 m2; outside yard-area 2,980 m2; building 755 m2

Offering a new way for company executives to come together, the Boardroom is our largest space, equivalent in size to two-and-a-half hockey rinks. This space features audio isolation functionality, enabling participants to have private discussions in a dedicated break-out room.

Southwark Tower
Size: 113 m2

Fancy meeting high above London’s rooftops? This beautiful room serves as a distraction-free space for important discussions among small groups.

Project Garden
Size: 1,600 m2

For all-hands meetings and workshops, there’s Project Garden. This versatile setting features three different color-coded sub-spaces, connected by a central square. Large teams can divide into groups, before reconvening as one.

Scrum Place
Size: 345 m2

War rooms and scrum meetings need a certain type of setting – often featuring a large task board where progress can be tracked and around which teams can huddle. We have designed Scrum Place for the job.

Clarity Island
Size: whole island 530 m2; canopy and built part 170 m2

Surrounded by a calm blue sea, this small island provides a relaxing setting for engaging 1-on-1 discussion. A distraction-free horizon helps you keep your focus on the meeting agenda, while the canopy provides enough space to spawn whiteboards for brainstorms whenever needed.

Forget about nondescript meeting rooms – find the right space for your virtual collaborations. You can discuss the possibilities – including developing a complete custom space – with our experts here: 

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