Virtual Exhibitions in Glue

Juha Aarikka
April 29, 2020

Brands have long understood the power of face-to-face communication in building customer relationships and trust. It’s why trade fairs have become a multi-billion dollar global industry and why on-site product demos are a vital part of any marketer’s toolbox. 

But in a world where we all need to fly less and live more sustainably, businesses are seeking other ways to get up close with customers. 

 Some have already found a solution by immersing customers in virtual environments of their own creation. Microsoft promotes the benefits of its enterprise security via a virtual escape room. Patria brings customers to a virtual showroom where they can explore an armored vehicle. And Fazer lets people make chocolate eggs in a virtual factory. 

Each of these 3D virtual spaces is unique, but they’ve at least one thing in common: they’re all built on Glue, our virtual collaboration platform. 

 Glue works by bringing dispersed participants into what feels like a real physical space: what they see, hear, touch and manipulate combine to elicit the sense that they’re present in the company of others. That’s a powerful proposition for product marketers. 

 “Brands aren’t sitting still. Especially in these times, they see an opportunity to reimagine how they engage with their customers and keep them close, and we enable them to do that,” says Jussi Havu, CEO of Glue Collaboration. 

 Glue’s flexible architecture allows for the development of a wide array of sophisticated and customized branded spaces and scenarios that can be accessed at any time. 

 On the one hand, you might create a virtual replica of your flagship store, event exhibition or production facility. On the other hand, this is a computer-generated environment so there are few limitations.

 3D virtual spaces enable businesses to provide novel and tactile product experiences and take their storytelling in new directions,” says Havu. “It’s all about turning your customers from passive observers into active participants, and forging that strong connection.

 Into what kind of virtual world would you bring your customers?

 If you need some more stimulation, get in touch today. We’re right here.

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