Glue is coming to HP customer welcome centers around the world

Juha Aarikka
March 13, 2020


Beginning this month, Glue is rolling out to HP Customer Welcome Centers around the world, giving HP customers and partners an opportunity to experience what it is like to effectively collaborate in a virtual space.

HP Customer Welcome Centers in Europe, Dubai and China will be the first to integrate the Glue experience.

Wearing ultra-light, high-resolution HP Reverb virtual reality headsets, visitors enter a virtual, three-dimensional environment where they can learn, share, plan and create as if they were face to face in a real physical space.

With a rich array of collaboration tools and customizable spaces, Glue enables dispersed teams to work more productively and sustainably in a variety of different virtual settings – from recurring remote meetings and workshops to project scrums and virtual training simulations. The platform offers enterprises a powerful alternative to costly physical face-to-face meetings as well as to audio or video calling systems where meetings are dimensionless and transient.

“We’re excited to see Glue being showcased to the broader HP ecosystem – this is a great way for enterprises to experience virtual collaboration and see how Glue and HP Reverb can become a vital part of their everyday workflow,” said Jussi Havu, CEO, Glue Collaboration.

“The comfortable fit and incredible clarity provided by the HP Reverb, especially during extended usage, makes it a great match for the virtual face-to-face collaborative experiences Glue enables,” said Cécile Tezenas du Montcel, XR Business Development, HP

Glue is a global partner in the HP Independent Software Vendor Partner Program.

 About Glue

Glue Collaboration (Helsinki, Finland) helps teams around the world to collaborate remotely in more productive and sustainable ways using a cloud-based virtual collaboration platform. Glue provides a true feeling of presence and access to a full set of tools for effective live collaboration in persistent, real-time and fully-customizable virtual environments complete with 3D spatialized-audio. Our journey began 15 years ago as an award-winning animation, XR and gaming studio and now we are leveraging our renowned Finnish digital craftsmanship to take remote collaboration to the next level.

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