Glue in Action: Remote Meeting in Glue

Juha Aarikka
January 15, 2020

Success in modern globalized business is based on collaboration. Effective collaboration requires true presence, which until now has been achievable only through face-to-face meetings. But face-to-face meetings also increase costs and carbon footprints due to business travel. The Glue platform provides shared virtual environments where participants are present as if they were in face-to-face meetings.

Here is a video of a remote meeting in Glue showcasing how our team prepared to deliver the Immersive VR experience for Microsoft at Microsoft Ignite.

Microsoft Ignite Prep Meeting in Glue. Jukka, our developer, participated from Spain, Venla from MacWell joined from the event venue in Orlando, while Mirka and Ville joined from Helsinki from MacWell and Glue HQs, respectively.

Today, organizations use screen-based remote collaboration tools to cope with the problem, but these tools are inefficient as they lack the element of true human presence and effective co-creation tools. Unlike traditional video conferencing, Glue reflects participants’ movements and gestures, provides non-verbal communication in addition to voice, and exploits spatial audio to trigger a natural understanding of their surroundings. Glue offers a complete set of tools for effective live remote collaboration.

Human presence in virtual space with spatial audio is difficult to showcase when viewing a video – you have to experience it yourself! In which case, feel free to reach out to us. Our team would be happy to set you up with a Glue demo!

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