Immersive VR experience from Glue collaboration and Macwell Creative provides innovative showcase for Microsoft security products

Juha Aarikka
November 14, 2019

With cyber threats growing in sophistication, diversity and frequency, ensuring effective enterprise security defenses is no easy undertaking. One of the biggest challenges is explaining complex aspects of digital security in a simple, fun and engaging way. “Intersection”, a new concept utilizing immersive multi-user VR, seeks to do just that.

Showcased at Microsoft Ignite 2019 last week, Intersection is an escape room-like experience bringing together up to five participants in a shared virtual space to solve various puzzles in a race against the clock. Their ultimate aim: to thwart a major cyber breach spearheaded by the notorious hacker “157”. 

The experience is designed to highlight different aspects of Microsoft security, including Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Zero Trust security approaches, as well as security in relation to AI and automation.

MacWell Creative, a creative agency specializing in product marketing and brand strategy, has developed the storyline and visual experience, working with Glue Collaboration which has built Intersection on top of its eponymous Glue virtual collaboration platform. Glue architecture enables the real-time Intersection experience to be delivered remotely to groups of participants anywhere in the world, even if they are in different locations.

Andrew MacDonald, CEO at MacWell Creative, said: “Security is complex, and so too is explaining to the world how it works. We’ve taken complex subject matter and broken it down into easy-to-understand metaphorical messages. We wanted people to not only learn about Microsoft Security, but to have a more emotional learning experience so they would take it away with them. Together with Glue, we’ve achieved this by creating an engaging environment in which people can come together virtually to learn about Microsoft Security.”

Jussi Havu, CEO at Glue Collaboration, said: “We’re excited to partner with MacWell Creative on this concept, which serves as an excellent demonstration of what’s now possible in immersive 3D virtual space. When you enter Intersection, you interact with others as if you were face to face – there’s a true sense that you’re there with your teammates in the same physical space. That makes for high quality collaboration as well as the much better rate of recall and retention that comes from learning by doing.”

Following the Microsoft Ignite showcase, the concept is expected to be deployed at various other events around the world.

See the full press release.


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