A new version of Glue is out and available for download

Juha Aarikka
June 19, 2019


A new version of the Glue application is now out and available for download at https://app.glue.work

This update provides you with enhanced graphical quality and new features such as the whiteboard, which gives you a chance to efficiently sketch your ideas, plan your business and more in a shared virtual space. We’ve also updated audio settings, enhanced login and scene loading, and made reliability improvements and bug fixes.


  • Users can now create whiteboards that can be placed anywhere in the scene and which come with their own set of tools.

  • We have implemented screen sharing for Windows. The screen sharing feature requires an update to the service back end, which will follow this client application update shortly. Mac, iOS and Android support will be included in a follow-up release.

  • We have redesigned the lobby user interface where the user can adjust settings and choose scenes.

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • We have introduced our own rendering pipeline which will later be released for 3rd party content creation.

  • New versions of all scene assets have been uploaded to the service back end, so users will need to refresh their locally cached versions by clicking on the trashcan icon next to each scene in the user interface, and then downloading new versions of the scenes.

Fixes and improvement

  • SteamVR is no longer required to be started manually before the Glue native application is launched. Glue will launch SteamVR when VR mode is toggled on, and will set audio devices automatically.

  • Object deletion not synchronizing correctly for all users is now fixed.

  • Real time session server performance has been improved significantly, resulting in better responsiveness even at high network loads.

  • The user interface during the scene loading phase has been made more informative.

  • Users can now adjust different volume levels for voice and environment sounds with the in-session user interface settings menu.

Known issues

  • Users on non-Windows platforms only see a blank screen sharing surface. Video encoders are being integrated for MacOS, iOS and Android and included in a follow-up release.

  • Toggling VR mode repeatedly on and off hangs the system. A patch will be released using a newer version of the Unity Engine where this is fixed. Until the patch is released, a workaround is to set the application to VR mode only once during application execution.

  • On Windows and Mac, user authentication for the native application happens in the browser but the focus does not currently return to the application. The user must return the native application to the foreground manually.

  • There is currently no limit on the number of images that can be imported into the scene. This can cause low-end or mobile devices to run out of memory and crash the application.

NOTE: Download the latest version before next login and reload your scenes. There will be incompatibility with enhanced graphics if Glue application is not updated.

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